June 07, 2016

As part of the "Mothers Of Boys Series" 21 Tips for DECLUTTERING A BOY HOUSEHOLD as (sometimes) practiced by our very own Sophia

First day back after a holiday I feel conflicted – the sense of relief, space and quiet spliced with a feeling of bereft. And then I look at the mess, and a whole host of less poetic emotions flood through.

So post declutter (almost), here are my tips for decluttering a boy household:

  1. Tuck little notes, impossibly sweet drawings into cook books to rediscover weeks/months/years later.
  2. With that distance it will be easier to decide whether to keep them or re-cycle…
  3. And don’t be afraid to throw away “art work” – give it the necessary shelf life and then quietly slip them away.
  4. NEVER try to create a system for Lego (no matter how easy Pinterest make it look). After the initial euphoria at what you may have achieved, watching the chaos return will break you.
  5. TEDDY BEARS. Cute. Yes. Cuddly. Yes. Sentimental. Most definitely – functional NOPE. Cluttering YUP. Time to let them go…? Probably…
  6. Plastic animals. From bedroom (age 3-5), to bathroom (age 6 to 8), to bin (forever).
  7. Craft activities that are still untouched?
  8. Think about how much money you can make from local FB groups/ebay/gumtree for pre-loved clothing and toys….
  9. And profit share with the little people - incentive their decluttering enhusiasm
  10. Always have an old bag for life in the bottom of a cupboard for charity shop contributions
  11. When you see something too small/too young/just not popular add it to the bag
  12. When the bag is full, take it to the charity shop
  13. NEVER look in the bag again and risk sentiment
  14. NEVER EVER let them look in the bag

And then into their drawers (or just off the floor)

  1. Holey trousers = chop for cut offs
  2. Holey sweaters = bin
  3. Clothes they one child hasn’t worn EVER
    1. Will it fit/suit next child? Yes = keep No = b
    2. Has it got a resale value? Yes = sell No =c
    3. Has it got charity shop value Yes = put it in the bag No = d
    4. BIN
  4. Swimming costumes / elasticated waists don’t last forever – pass them on while they are still good
  5. Same goes for shoes
  6. Waterproofs that aren’t waterproof won’t ever be. This includes seams. Bin it.
  7. And finally, Buying big doesn't always work. Just means clothes hang around. I have jeans my Mum bought me which I still haven't grown into...

Have you got any de-cluttering tips to share? We'd love to hear them.

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Tracey at mummyshire
Tracey at mummyshire

June 09, 2016

It’s so true, sometimes the old clothes and over flowing cupboards just seems too big a mountain to climb! I often feel like that at birthdays – new toys but no new space.
Like your tip about a bag for life always being close by. Any completely agree that sentiment can too easily get in the way!
Enjoyed this read!

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