September 02, 2014

The “Tulip” is for girls and the “Nettle” is for boys with this great British brand. We’re all about the Nettle here, but these clothes are anything but prickly: a traditional brand that is season and style versatile.

Merino Wool Sleeveless Sweater



Emmett (age 8) wears yellow in age 5-6 for a snugger fit and blue in age 7-8. 

Tank tops, sleeveless jumpers, allotment tops....whatever their name these are wardrobe essentials for every boy. Not only can you slip it over a haphazard ensemble to go from scruffy to smart, they are perfect for over pyjamas on lazy winter mornings (less cumbersome than dressing gowns) and instant extra warmth without bulk. What is more they just look so darn handsome. Team with a bow-tie for Christmas.

These are hand-knitted merino, not-itchy, wool for extra comfort and fit. Suitable for cool machine wash.

Cropped Trousers


Emmett (top far right) wears age 7-8 in Navy Blue. Styled with Pala Mino Diamond on the top and with Sleeveless Sweater below.

Favourites with my two youngest boys the cropped trousers are a traditional style trouser that can be teamed with trainers for a more contemporary look. No buttons or zips for boys that just want to concentrate on what they are doing. Perfect for formal wear if the occasion required but unlike some formal pieces, these can be re-used as everyday favourites. Mine wear them everyday. This cord washes beautifully.

Hero Shirt


Archie (10) wears a White Hero Shirt in ages 9-10 and a Blue-Eyed Boy Blue Hero Shirt in ages 7-8 for a closer fit.

As the name suggests this is a shirt for heroes. It conjures up images of a dashing Mr. Darcy – albeit the wholesome persona. The Hero shirt has five buttons that stop about tummy button level. Crafted from unbelievably thick and soft cotton this is a really lovely piece you won’t regret buying.

Suitable for both more traditional dress and for the hipster kid style, perhaps styled with skinny jeans.

The Snake Belt

Retro cool snake belts. Like the ones I stole off my brother as a child. Unfussy, unfiddly and practical. Like all the pieces we bring to you from Tulip & Nettle these are: made well, wear well and look good.


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