Five Boys Picks for Your Ski Wardrobe

October 23, 2014

This week we’re offering 20% off ski essentials – clothes for on and off the slopes – we’re focussing on layering to curb the cold, offering a bit of colour to distinguish which child is yours as they whizz down those slopes and injecting some fun into your après ski wear.


 *Prices quoted before discount

For base layers try:

 For a warm neutral base that any boy will feel happy with. 



I Dig Denim Lago Top, ages 7-14 £24*. 


Keep warm with natural fibres and add an extra layer of warmth without the bulk of another sweater. Allows your boy to have more mobility with his arms on the slopes.

Tulip & Nettle Merino wool s/less sweater, ages 4-10 £39*.


Also Pala Mino Sweatshirts – the flash for the speedy skier – and the kiss chase. With neoprene waist band and cuffs to keep the warm in and the snow out! And the Drest Sweat Pants to match. Perfect for under salopettes for those style-conscious boys.


 Pala Mino Sweatshirts in ages 5-16 £42* and Drest Sweat Pants in ages 7-14 £38*.


On the slopes:

This has a fleece lined hood and fleecy pockets, tight cuffs and waistband for keeping the warm in. It is the perfect coat for small boys needing to stay warm. It's got thumb holes on the cuffs too - a favourite with my seven-year old. The faux fur at the front is detachable for those that prefer it that way. I promised I'd try not to say this about too many of the clothes, but it is really quite darn cute. Snug as a bug. 




Gorgeous Eski Parka from Ruff and Huddle. £100*. Available in Orange and Charcoal. Ages 6-11.


 And our super bendy, polycarbonate, UV protective sunnies are on sale!


Zoobug sunglasses, two sizes, £6.


 And for Apres Ski:


Choose from one of our funky Tootsa tops:


The appropriately named Summit Cardigan, ages 4-8 £51*.


And for slightly bigger boys, this is one you'll steal off them. Weighty, comfortable and in no way itchy. 



Torino Knit from i dig denim. Ages 7-14 £71*.


Funk it up with some of our trendy jeans… And not only are you ready to hit the slopes, but you'll be kitted out for the whole winter too. 


*Prices quoted before discount

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