Halloween Party Ideas

October 29, 2014

With boys aged 10, 7 and 3, we thought the more disgusting the better.





Food. A feast for the fiendish and the ghoulish.




Homemade Pizza.
With drippy tomato sauce and great wedges of mozzarella. No other toppings to keep it simple for the fussy and the veggie.
Sliced Witches Nose.
Textured Cucumber and Purple Carrots (A happy find in Sainsburys.) Chopped Up. The wholesome acting as the unwholesome.
Insects and Rats Suspended in Lime Jelly.
Yuck. (They LOVED this) Next time I'll just do insects (or eyeballs aka lychees) so that each child can have one on their plate. 
Crumbling Ghouls.
A top tip from a friend and so very easy. Whip up some meringues. Dot on eyes and a ghoulish mouth. Instant favourites.
Fiendish Fairy Cakes.
A standard chocolate cake mixture with Nutella topping (it's an easy peasy icing for fairy cakes) and halloween treats on top. Alternatively opt for Nutella toppping and White Chocolate Buttons for an eye ball effect.
The blood.
Raspberry and Cranberry Juice. Of course.


And after the feast each child had to eat Marshmallows from bowls of icing sugar WEARING fangs. 


Decoration. We kept it simple. Some spooky music on arrival, a bloody hand print on the front door, spiders webs.




  • Satsumas. Use permanent markers to draw fiendish faces. One that the 3 year old could help with too.
  • Pumpkins, naturally. And a good distraction for the boys whilst I cooked. We added left over Witches Noses' for effect as the party was in the day so the pumpkin wasn't going to glow.
  • Spiders web full of spiders along the banisters and covering paintings.
  • Bats. Cut out of card and hanging off radiators or attached to string and hung like bunting.


Games. As a total control freak I find it easier if I've planned the party.


So for me part one is getting them in, and settled, and controlled. Snore. So I stick paper to the table -  rolls of paper you can buy for children's easels, tape it to the bottom of the table, and get them trickling in to a sitting activity. And they did - come in quietly and draw monsters all over the paper - which doubled up as a tablecloth afterwards.




Then I send them to the less controlled environment of the Daddy run playroom for the games.

  • Suspending apples from the celiing and trying to bite them - no hands! (Has to be the first game so they don't pull them all down).
  • Ghoulish Disco with: 
  • Trick or Treat Lucky Dip: the best dancer in each round gets to try the dip. Inside... Squidgy brains, old bananas, joke sick, chattering teeth, fake teeth, plastic gloves stuffed full of popcorn, cockroaches and spiders to name a few.
  • Making a Mummy. Two rolls of loo paper. Two enthusiastic teams. One nominated Mummy per team and go...
  • Pass the Parcel - with Halloween treats - to calm down before the feast.


And Finally, Easy Costume Ideas.



  1. Vampire. White shirt, dark trousers, waistcoat and cape. Fangs. Lots of face paint and spiked up hair.
  2. Ghost. Depending on how small they are: take an old pillow case, cut holes in the top. Head and arms through and improvise with make up. Wrap a white scarf around their head as a turban for an even better ghoulish effect.
  3. The Grim Reaper. For slighty-older boys. White face paint and blackened eyes and cheeks to give a sunken effect. An old dark hoody and an old black dress of mine. Find a Scythe. Ta da.
  4. A Mummy. Loo roll and Sellotape required. See details of game above.


Halloween Party, Five Boys Style!





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Shu Migues
Shu Migues

August 03, 2015

I have only one thing to say about your article. It’s fascinating content with fresh and sound ideas that fit many of my own views.

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