Life's A Beach

July 23, 2015

Top Five Beaches in the Isle of Wight. 

As recommended by Isle of Wight Beach Goer, Taffeta Gray.


  1. Best Beach For Cockles

Priory Bay (also known as Bay of Dreams and Caribbean corner) - at low tide you can waste hours searching for cockles and other treasures. You can walk from Seaview but it's much more fun to arrive by boat. If you are in a biggish boat don't get stuck at low tide!



  1. Best For Lunch

The Hut in Colwell Bay is a new discovery for us and well worth the drive on a sunny day. Check the tides and if timed well you can spend a couple of hours building sandcastles and splashing in the shallows before/after lunch



  1. Best for Paddling

When the tide is out, large pools of water are left behind on Appley Rise which are perfect for smallies to splash around in. The water warms up quickly on a sunny day and there are no rocks and minimal seaweed. With older ones it's the perfect spot to let them run wild leaving you to set up camp at Dells Cafe, keeping an eye of course! They also have free dog biscuits. When the beach gets too much (what?) Puckpool is a stones throw with mini golf, a crumbling tennis court and a playground.



  1. Best For Dinosaurs

Head west for Compton Bay where the low tide will reveal dinosaur footprints. The cliffs make a pretty special backdrop and the waves attract surfers from all over the island.


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  1. Best for Culture

The once private beach of Osbourne House is open to the public so you can wonder down and admire Queen Victoria's bathing machine and take a dip yourself. During the summer months you can watch Punch & Judy and try your hand at hoop and sticks!

Any we've missed? Let us know below - or take a look at our Pinterest for more Isle of Wight holiday ideas.

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