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Birthday Present Ideas for EIGHT year old boys

October 20, 2015

Everyone has birthdays this week - and next. Two uncles, two grannies, five cousins AND Wilfred. But for our resident soon to be eight year old Wilfred, I'm not lacking in ideas. I have found a load of inspiration in our stock room (shopkeeper's privilege) and seen a LOT of awesome stuff at the fairs we've been at recently.

Top ideas for eight year old boys below:

1. Let's Be Weird Together Organic T-Shirt  (Wilfred is...weird like a walrus)

Weird Like A Walrus Organic T-Shirt from Lion Of Leisure

I know when he gets this, he'll screw up his face, frown in disbelief, smile wryly and then pop it on. Wham. Bam. Favourite t-shirt. And it's organic. £18.

2. Secret Agent Alarm Clock


I stopped in my tracks when I saw this... Super cool. Apart from being "James Bondesque" it would serve two useful purposes in my house, other than of course, simply telling the time. Firstly, for my very nearly eight year old that likes to sleep in, the thought of checking the time alone might arouse him from his slumber - and secondly, in the night when he wakes he can check to see what time it is to reassure him that all is fine. I think I may have to devise some sort of attached to the wall bolster... £19.99

3.  Sports Wear (gulp) like the Someday Soon Anton Sweat Pants or Boys&Girls Organic Harem Pants


To buy these is a little like concedeing defeat for me. I know, it's my shop, but wait... I don't want to diss these wonderful pieces we sell, AS much as I adore having three boys, I just sometimes struggle (confession here) with the boy themes that circulate our house (basically sport sport sport).One of the reasons why we have these, what I deem to be  "compromise pieces" on offer, is because if I give them these I'm hoping to keep the synthetic sports wear at bay...bring on the compromise tracksuit bottoms. From £26

4. AMAZING 3-D Tattoos


I can't describe how cool these are so I'm not going to try. But I bought a job lot for birthday party presents, AND Wilf IS MOST DEFINITELY getting these from his little brother. £4.99

5. Merino Hat


Who wouldn't love this. On our last shoot we had one of these in each colour. Talk about squabble fest. Fun and functional, as they say, but in a hat.

6. Metal detector


Godmother Amazing might have sent this all wrapped up in a brown box waiting for tomorrow. After last year's walkie talkie, they may prove hard to beat.... Can't wait to see. 

7. Pyjamas!!!!


Like the LULUZULU lounge wear or The Bright Company Slack Jyms

Seeing we live in ours, for a lot of the time, here are some pretty stylish "lounge wear" options.It's hibernation time now isn't it? From £17

8. Make Your Own Stealth Fighter


With Star Wars season soon upon us, I've also spotted this recently, for sale through the wonderful Crafty Wrens. Make your own Stealth Fighter. Need I say more? Could always chuck in one our Star Wars T-shirts for good measure too.

 9. Thank you cards.


After presents like these, he's going to need them. Love these designs from Petra Boase.

Happy Birthday Wilfred!!!

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