August 11, 2017

*And Our Tips on How to Keep Them

They're a little like New Year Resolutions: you start the year with the best resolve - determined to get PE kit and school bags ready the night before, find their school shoes and leave them by the door before two minutes past when you have to leave. You empty their lunch box / read school letters as soon as they return from school. You never spend the morning shouting...

But like nearly all my NYE resolutions, the New School Year ones tend to fall woefully by the wayside.

Not one to be put off by previous failures here are my 'New School Year Resolutions'  - with added tips on how I intend to keep them.

Top 7 New (School) Year Resolutions and how I intend to keep them

1. Wash and iron (maybe iron) everything at the weekends so it’s ready for the week

Which means checking everyone has enough shirts, shorts and socks - that actually fit - for a pair a day NOW. Extra TIP: If you can work through the pain barrier and actually get them to do this, get them to put away their own laundered uniform so they know what they've got and where to find it.

2. Get school bags packed for the next day with my child before bedtime

"with my child" - from Reception age and on they are more than capable of changing themselves and getting their kit together. It's just a case of working with them to encourage them to do it! 

3. Prepare packed lunches the night before

Including getting them to make their own sandwiches, choose snacks etc. After the initial patience requiring learning curve they'll be able to do it, LOVE it,  plus they'll be much more likely to come home with an empty lunch box.

4. Make sure homework is completed before evening meal

With a snack. A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down and all that.

5. Laying out school uniforms the night before

Similar to the first one - just taking it a step further. I've tried to facilitate this by placing stools at the end of their bed: to lay their own clothing out on the night before.

6. Make sure my child gets to bed at a reasonable hour

Hell knows no fury like a tired child.  If you have different age children with different routines, get them all to go to their rooms at the same time – even if they don’t have to go to sleep. That way you get your down time – and they can get theirs.

7. Establish a “getting ready” routine in the morning

This is more of a confession than a tip BUT as I’m always the last out of bed on a school day our “getting ready” routine is vital… and rather passes the buck to them.


If you’ve enabled them with all the tips above not only will your NEW SCHOOL RESOLUTIONS have a better chance of making it BUT you’re helping your child reach their full potential by doing things that they are able to do for themselves.

GOOD LUCK  - and Happy New Year!!

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