March 20, 2017

If like me you open your cupboards and think I have so many clothes but nothing to wear then this is the post for you.

I stumbled across The Style Coach via the wonders that is instagram and I really wish she had come into my life years ago. I own clothes that I bought at school and I needed someone to be straight with me about my pre pregnancy jeans - no one else was going to do it! Whenever I do buy something new I make the same mistakes every time but after spending a day with Therese I now know where the holes are in my wardrobe and what to avoid like the plague.

Needless to say this stylish Mama knows what she is talking about. Read on for her top tips for spring cleaning your wardrobe to get you started. She is also offering an amazing package (£250 for wardrobe edit AND personal shopping) so if you want my advice, book an appointment now!

Wardrobe edit

1. Haven't worn it in the last six months? Chances are you will never wear it again. Be honest and ruthless. Same for those skinny jeans which you could fit into three years ago. Why hang on to them? Embrace what you look like now and work with it.

2. No-one needs 20 pairs of jeans. Instead, invest in two pairs of blue jeans and one black pair...finding a fit that works for you. Remember that a good pair of denims should have a higher rise at the back to pass the ‘sit test’.

3. When organising your wardrobe, only pack away your holiday clothes (bikinis, kaftans, etc.), gym clothes, and winter boots. Everything else should be visible. We live in the UK, so chances are that you will need those cashmere jumpers in May, and t-shirts for layering in November!

4. Think quality over quantity. I always teach my clients, that it is better to have say 25 pieces of clothing which you love rather than 60 pieces which are barely worn. Your wardrobe gets to work that little bit harder for you and it is easier to see what you are actually lacking.

5. Hang everything according to category (i.e. dresses, jackets, shirts) followed by subcategory (smart, casual, evening). The golden retail rule is that you should be able to fit two fingers in between each hanger. If you can't, you have too many items...

 Personal shopping

About Style Coach:

Born and bred in Sweden, my love affair with fashion began in the early 90’s when the Supermodels ruled the world. In 1997, I moved to the UK and started to turn my passion into a career. Selfridges was my starting block, and from there followed 15 years in buying and merchandising at leading fashion brands, including Burberry, Acne Studios and Paul Smith.

With a passion for product, my job has always evolved around putting together cohesive and well executed collections. This is my forte. As such, the idea of Style Coach seemed the next logical step for me - editing and streamlining people’s wardrobes. Style Coach is a wardrobe, styling and shopping service.

I am currently running a package deal for £250. Included in this is a wardrobe edit followed by a personal shopping trip (usual price £95 and £195 resp). My website is or email me at



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