July 05, 2017

We're half way through the "Sports Day Season" and as always I'm conflicted between being a happy bystander and an active participant.

This year, fresh from Sports Day one where there were more injuries in the parents race then ALL of the other races put together, I by-stood. But whether you’re a first timer, or a seasoned race runner, here are our tips / thoughts on surviving the day.

  • Dress appropriately… and by appropriate I mean to your expectation. Without wanted to poo poo the gym bunny Mummy I always make sure I’m wearing slip on ballet shoes and dress so I CAN’T RACE.  Other parents might want to remember their lycra and trainers.
  • Take a fold away chair with you. If you are planning on running I’ve heard it’s a good way to stretch without arousing suspicion. “Keep your back upright and stretch your hamstrings right out – extending one leg at a time, then straightening them until you feel the stretch."  If you’re NOT planning on running, having a chair will save your back.
  • Unless you’re absolutely confident you’re going to win, don’t try to. (There’s a one-time Olympiad Mum in our year and she’s got it in the bag). Recognise the competition.  All the non-participating sour pusses are watching the adrenalin take hold of your facial expressions (and they’re sniggering inside/ feeling guilty for not taking part).
  • Remember these lines:
    a. “Coming last in the egg and spoon race means you’re doing it properly Darling”.
    b. Daddy did want to come too. He was just nervous about losing the Dad’s race.
    c. I was watching.
    d. I used to come last – but I always had the most fun.
  • This one comes from my middle son’s class teacher: don’t underestimate the force behind twenty/thirty/forty keen dads. Stand RIGHT back!
  • And last but not least – every so often remind yourself that it's all about them - and you're winning by being there!  Try to enjoy the nostalgia, smell of freshly cut grass and... they'll be exhausted come bedtime.

    Happy Sports Day!

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