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July 19, 2017

How to stay sane, survive and ENJOY a festival with children

My first festival experience was with my father, at Glastonbury, to celebrate the end of my A-levels. We forgot our tent pegs and I slept in a sodden sleep bag with my head under an umbrella. 

Since then I’ve honed my family festival/camping skills - the hangovers have got worse but everything else is a little slicker!

Here’s my digest of what works for us:  


  1. Arrive early – seems obvious BUT find A spot for convenient water access, loo access and THIS WILL HELP minimise the amount of walking (carrying/dragging/pushing) you might have to do. I’ll make a BIG difference come day two…
  2. Remember they need down time.  We all find the whirlwind sensory experience exhausting so think how those little sponge like minds are feeling. A good solid camp set up enables good downtime.
  3. Take a teeny weeny spare tent. For playing in. We take Lego. Sounds crazy but a small extra pop up tent from the supermarket is invaluable.  If you’re camping with other families it is a good shared space and enables your family tents to be grass and mud free sanctuaries. Plus it’s a space for them to go while you’re cooking, washing up or having a few minutes extra recovery time.
  4. Take a wheely luggage carrier – for the trips to and from the car.
  5. Make sure older children take a watch. The festival experience is a good one to let them wander and explore – but with tight boundaries. With a clear cut time and meeting point (and zero tolerance policy for breaking with this). Tried and tested – they love the independence PLUS it’s a lovely opportunity for you to sit with younger children and play on the family field while they spread their little wings – with good physical and time parameters in place! (tough love not free love)
  6. FOOOOD. BE PREPARED. Festival food is amazing – from falafels to the spiciest madras out of Birmingham. But often not for little taste buds. And feeding the whole family all day everyday can be more expensive than the festival tickets themselves. Take a little lightweight cooker, some frozen bolognaise and dry pasta, a tin of beans and a jar of pesto may just SAVE you from hunger melt down exhaustion or a chip only diet. PLUS as a bonus the frozen bolognaise acts as an extra ice block in your cooler bag.
  7. UHT milk and porridge. Boring yes. But a little of the normal is good for us all.
  8. Equipment packing list: those refillable 5l water bags, super large saucepan (for cooking and washing up in – and washing people with – think  bucket size), lid for straining, small lipped saucepan for sauce heating and water boiling, washing up liquid and scourer, stainless steel spoon for stirring and serving, head lamps, baby wipes (for hands and faces more than bottoms).
  9. A good waterproof coat, trousers and wellies. Other than that the clothing you leave in – and some fancy dress - is probably all they’ll need.
  10. Write your phone number on them. In indelible marker. On their arms, legs - anywhere.  Hopefully you won’t need it but just in case……..

It’s NO small undertaking but be prepared and it’ll be amazing

Camping with little people can be fun. Really...

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July 06, 2016

This makes me feel exhausted! Taking be kids to wilderness this year so super useful – they are going to love their interactive glow t shirts from five boys! X

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