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Halloween Ideas for the Wicked: For an Easy, Effective and Gruesome Halloween

October 26, 2016

Halloween Ideas for the Wicked: For an Easy, Effective and Gruesome Halloween

Whether it's food inspiration you're looking for, last minute costume or decorations help (without much outlay) or gory games, we've been scouring Pinterest for you (and us!)

Here's the best of what we've found:

Fun with food

Rot the lot in an afternoon with these easy to make treats. Easy Doughnut Fiends and Demon Dentures. None bake fun for all. For more inspiration check out our Pinterest Board.


**The one day of the year you're actively encouraged to play with your food**

Decoration and Costumes

  1. Take old jars
  2. Fill them
  3. Display them

Easy, effective and GROSS.



Make shift games are our thing - finding stuff at home that we can devise and improvise with. Loving this suggestion for a gruesome gory game.

Bucket of Guts

  • Make several large batches of spaghetti.

  • Put in large bucket.

  • Add a little bit of olive oil or vegetable oil for a slimy feel. Mix in plastic spiders, baby carrots and plastic eyeballs.

  • The baby carrots can be used as "fingers." Each player can put their hands in the slimy noodles to retrieve an eyeball or spider or carrot. Each party guest has 30 seconds to retrieve as many spiders, "fingers" and eyeballs as possible.

  • The party guest who is able to retrieve the most pieces in 30 seconds will win a party prize. 

We also LOVE the timeless apple bobbling (towels at the ready) and the chocolate game with Halloween fancy dress! More on the Pinterest Board.


And of course, no halloween is complete without a truely terrifying costume.

Top five tips for quick and effortless  "found round the house" costumes yet no less harrowing:

  • Paint your face white. Easy and eerie = ghost or zombie or skeleton. Add blood/wig/costume at your peril.
  • Add talc to your hair for added effort.
  • Wizard or Witch: pick a hat easily and then drape your child in dark and textured layers.
  • Twigs dipped in paint and glitter make great wands: finally a use for the endless pile of sticks that have been accumulating.
  • Old tights are the best = ninja mask, balaclava, spider legs. No end to their usefulness!

Tights also useful for this game... details on our Pinterest Board.

We are going as:

A white faced Ninja, a mime (less menacing than a clown we're hoping...), a "Clefairy" Pokemon (obvs), Batman, a skeleton and Clemmie the Witch!

For more top tips and spooky ideas check out our Pinterest Board for Halloween ideas


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