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How to Isolate With Five Boys

March 19, 2020 1 Comment

Ok I don’t have five boys on my own but one half of FBC has been in quarantine all week so it felt like a good time to share ideas we have picked up so far:

Spend Spend Spend

It’s not too late to order entertainment (not loo roll, let the pensioners have their ration).

  • We have got some Rub Down Transfers which won’t last very long.
  • Board Games / Cards: Scrabble, the neverending Monopoly, Risk (for 10+ it says but my 7 & 9 year old got into it).  
  • We had some old science kits that we have dusted off. A basic one for the five year old which involved colour experiments with test tubes, finding objects that float / sink, lemon juice on a penny test etc. Not sure what the 7 and 9 year old were doing other than trying to make zip lock bags explode; I need to add more vinegar and bicarbonate of soda to my shopping list, oh and coke and mentos.


If you are lucky enough to have a garden as we both are… see above! We are planning a small pond which I reckon will take most of the day. Planting, growing from seed, spreading compost, learning about plants along the way. We have also cleared out the shed.



Goes without saying. My boys have asked to make meringues which are so easy so I am happy with that. Marshmallow rice crispies will probably be on there. And every cake under the sun.


Educational Screen time

    • IXL covers English and Maths up to Year 13
    • Squeebles also covers English and Maths in an APP style from 5 to 11
    • Purple Mash is a platform the School has put us on which seems to cover all sorts for KS1/2 including Science, History, Geography and coding. We also have access to Mathletics and Nessy through school
    • Table Fables came recommended by a parent to get kids into times tables and they have an amazing reward system and a 17 day challenge which has definitely got my boys’ attention.
    • Tynker for coding
    • Wow in the World Podcast: I pick up four boys on our school run and they bicker like crazy, but when I put this one they are completely silent for the whole journey. It is bliss and I enjoy the kookiness of the show which is NPR so very American but covers all sorts of weird and wonderful things.
    • Busuu are offering free video lessons for linguists (English, French and Spanish) 5+
    • Last but by no means least, anything with David Attenborough!



    We haven’t done a great deal. The five year old is on the dreaded Biff and Kipper nonsense, the 7 year old loves Dogman, the 9 year old hasn’t found anything he loves as much as Harry Potter and we have tried Alex Rider, Eragon, Wimpy Kid… We would love suggestions of what your children love to read.



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    April 02, 2020

    The older boys might like the ‘Percy Jackson’ books. My 8yo loves them and as a nice consequence has developed an obsession with Greek myth (better than pokemon. I even got him to do some weeding with the ‘trident’ fork).
    Good luck!

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