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School Holiday Hacks: Keeping Your Boys Happy And Entertained This Holiday

April 07, 2017

School Holiday Hacks: Keeping Your Boys Happy And Entertained This Holiday

My ethos - shared more than once on here - is to think of bringing up boys as looking after a dog (in the kindest possible way).

Plenty of exercise + plenty of food + and plenty of rest = HAPPY BOY

However, sometimes the stark reality of British Springtime bursts the bubble of long sun dappled woodland walks with welly clad angels recognising the beauty in finding a field full of bluebells.
So my top tips for keeping the boy gang happy, exercised and well fed for long enough to justify the celebratory afternoon film..

1. Stick to a routine

Love it or hate it - it works so EVERYONE knows what their expectations are.
Choose something achievable:
- Pyjama breakfast
- Drawing / playing 30 minutes
- Getting up and out
- Going out! Even if it means cloaked in wet weather gear. We might arrange to meet another gaggle of children - or just do our own stomp/ride/adventure. Usually we take turns in deciding the destination and it's nearly always outside and a short ride in the car away (the downside of urban living).
- Picnic lunch or at least heavy duty snacks
- Home for play/draw
- Tea and film

2. Forage for food

Foraging is a little bit last year but they love it.
Making wild garlic pesto (works for blackberries and jam in the summer holidays) here's a recipe that's worked for us!
Find for wild garlic, take it home, wash it, prepare it AND then eat it.

3. Indoor and Outdoor Activities:  Painting Rocks

All day activity that requires a little outdoors, a little indoors and works for boys and girls of ALL AGES. Choose from Hedgehogs, to strawberries, abstract patterns - to your favourite characters. Get inspiration on our Pinterest Board here.
All you need:
Rocks - finding them is an activity in itself!
Acrylic Paints - available from your local craft shop
Paint Brushes
Rocks can be any shape or size - but sometimes it helps if they can stand upright so that you can paint the front and back in one stage.
PERFECT non-chocolate Easter gifts for Granny or unlike some other crafting activities hide in the garden as a decorative fun idea.
What will you be doing to save everyone's sanity this holiday?

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