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Things your kids can do to help the environment

June 05, 2019

Things your kids can do to help the environment

Today is World Environment Day. But what does that mean? 

World Environment Day is the day nominated by the UN as their principle vehicle to promote awareness and action for awareness of the environment. 

Because after all awareness leads to action which leads to change. But what actions can our children actually do? Little changes that will set them up to become aware, active vessels for change.

Here are our ideas for helping children help the environment:

1. Meat free Mondays – at school too.  And challenge them to cook a vegetarian meal for all the family.

Why is meat consumption bad from the environment? The answer is a combination of land usage and greenhouse gas emissions. About 90 % of all deforestation can be traced back to the meat industry. In addition to that, animal agriculture is responsible for between 15 to 20 % of the total greenhouse gas emissions globally. These are huge environmental problems.*

2. Wear a jumper.

Not so seasonal at the moment but if we call wear jumpers our houses can be cooler and save energy (and money!)

3. Encourage your children to carry a small bag with them.

To take a refillable bottle of water with you avoiding emergency trips to the nearest shop for when they're dying of thirst... 

4. For every trip to the beach this summer

Take home 5 bits of rubbish. Every little helps.


5. Shorter showers and shallower baths.

We all learnt about the water cycle at school - as will our children if they haven't already. So how is wasting water bad for the environment if you can't actually lose it? Fresh clean water is not an infinite resource and takes up A LOT of energy to clean and transport to you and to me. So let's not waste it.

6. Draw on scrap paper 

Fish it out of the office recycling rather than straight from the printer! (Mine are so guilty of this!)

7. Start a conservation club at school

Learn about the cause of environmental issues and the action that can be taken to prevent this. Take it into your own hands! Get everyone at school ready to act.

8. Wear your heart on your sleeve and use "Pester Power!!"

Tell people (not your parents!) about why looking after the environment is important and what they need to do to make the change. 

 What are yours tips? Please share them below!



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