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About Us

Five Boys Clothing is an online shop where you can find cool clothes for kids from age three to teen 

With five boys between them (not a girl in sight), two Mamas set out to create a place to shop where they could have fun buying boy's clothing. Clothes they liked and that their boys actually wanted to wear.

So Five Boys Clothing came to be.

Eight years later, with girls added to their gang, Five Boys offers a unisex catalogue of their best-sellers (the dog-on-a-skateboard NEVER disappoints) and new seasonal designs.

This shop is a cool place to find high-quality clothing with fun, simple prints on sustainable, organic and oh-so soft-and-comfortable clothing.

No stereotypes, no random words or numbers.

Just simple prints on colourful, good quality, organic clothes.












We are Taffeta and Sophia.  We are always keen to hear feedback, ideas and stories about shopping for children!

Please get in touch at hello@fiveboysclothing.com  














Taffeta lives in West London with her two boys, Ferdie and Gus and girl (!!!) Clemmie.

Sophia lives in Bristol with her four boys, Zebedee, Wilf, Algy and Hector.


Size Chart

Size Guide for Five Boys Clothing

Organic T-shirts: Single Jersey 100% Organic ring-spun combed cotton

Hoodies: Brushed Sweatshirt 85% Organic ring-spun combed cotton, 15% Recycled polyester 300 GSM


Brushed Sweatshirt: 85% Organic ring-spun combed cotton, 15% Recycled polyester 300 GSM