About Us


Created and run by Taffeta and Sophia, FIVE BOYS CLOTHING is the place to find inspired gifts and clothing for boys aged 3 to 15.  

Started to smash the illusion that shopping for boys is difficult we source clothing that both boys and Mums will love.

Our clothes are chosen for boys but there is no reason why girls can’t wear them too.

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A little about us.


 With a background in PR, Taffeta is perfectly positioned to let the world know about FIVE BOYS CLOTHING. With more energy than a mountain of jelly babies, she takes on challenges with equal parts of gusto and ease. Known for dropping inappropriate words in professional situations it’s never boring being around Taffeta.

Taffeta is mother to beautiful blonde boys Ferdie and Gus and a little girl(!) Clemmie.


With a background in Law, Sales and Marketing, Sophia is keen on strategising and although reluctant to admit it is happy to trawl through the “boring stuff”. Keen on providing fun clothes for her household of boys she is refusing to be over-awed by sporting activities and likes it when they choose to wear pink.

Sophia is mother to brown-eyed Zebedee, green-eyed Wilf and blue-eyed Algy.

Five Boys Clothing has been online since July 2014. We always welcome feedback so please feel free to contact us on hello@fiveboysclothing.com



What people say about us.

"...what amazing customer service! I love your packaging and postcards/branding too, I will def be back... soon and will spread the word." Thommy, London.

"Thrilled with the shoes & they fit  perfect ~ "excellent customer service" as well ~you were very kind in taking time with me to help get him the right size! Thx again :)" Pam, US.

"Really love your eye for kids' gear. Refreshing"  Rosie, Hackney 


Size Chart
**Please note, we are always happy to measure individual pieces for you.**
**Please email us directly at hello@fiveboysclothing.com**

At "Five Boys Clothing" we offer as much guidance as possible when it comes to sizing as we know that age is not an exact science when it comes to measuring for the right size clothing.

Any European brands provide a height measurement - and we always attempt to describe the fit. Please find a guide to European sizing below.

The European size is based on the actual height in centimeters, example a size 122 means 122 centimeter, that is for a child in height 122 centimeter each centimeter = 0.39 inch, each inch = 2.54 centimeters













EU Size (cm)













As with all things this is not an exact science. If you normally buy big - we recommend you buy big, and vice versa.

When relevant, we identify whether products are true to size, big for size or small for size.

If you need any help regarding specific sizes please contact us at hello@fiveboysclothing.com and we'll get staright back to you.

PS: Don't forget we do offer returns so if you want to try the products we're happy to send them out to you.