Fancy a 50% discount whatever the weather? Become a member of the FIVE BOYS CLUB

What does this mean?

  • FIRST access to all new products
  • Updates on new brands coming
  • Special free gifts for referring friends and family to the club!

You choose your level of membership and we send you a personalised discount code that can be used at all times on all non-sale goods including gifts!

 To sign up CLICK HERE

There are three types of membership:

GOLD : £100 (up to  £1000 value of orders over one year
SILVER : £65 (up to £500 value of orders over one year)
BRONZE : £40 (up to £200 value of orders over one year)

This means that if you subscribe to Gold membership, you can buy £1000 worth of clothing and gifts, over one year, and it will only cost you £600 (£100 membership cost, £500 for clothing and gifts)
This means that if you choose Bronze membership, you can buy up to £200 worth of clothing and gifts and it will only cost you £140, Silver membership will enable you to buy up to £500 worth of clothing and gifts and it will only cost you £315 and Gold will enable you to access £1000 worth of clothing and gifts for £600.

Think it's a lot? Think Christmas, think birthdays. Think of the savings.  

 To sign up CLICK HERE

Any questions?

What happens if you no longer have my size in stock?

All members will be offered new stock first, before it will become available to other customers. This will enable all members to have the first opportunity to purchase the sizes they would like.

Does it apply to all gifts too?

As a rule we never put our gifts on sale. Members are the only people who will be able to access a discount on gifts.

I'd like to become a member but you don't stock my favourite brand. 

We will work closely with our members to ensure that their preferences influence our buying choices. As a member you will have access to information regarding brands that we could stock and are happy to engage in dialogue about potentially stocking these brands.

How do I sign up?

We'll send you a link to the membership subscription page. We'll also send you a form to complete to help inform our buying decisions, asking a few very short questions about the ages and preferences of the children you buy for, your favourite brands etc.

How can I get more involved?

Recommend a friend OR host a house sale.

**As an introductory offer, recommend a friend, get a free gift when they are accepted as a member**

For new GOLD sign-ups get a FREE Play and Go Mat with your first order
For new SILVER sign-ups get a FREE Illuminated Apparel T-Shirt
For new BRONZE sign-ups get a FREE pair of LED clip on lights for Bikes or Scooters

What happens if you go out of business?

Five Boys has grown considerably over the last three years and we have no plans for it to stop growing now! If for any reason, beyond our control, we are no longer able to continue with the business we will reimburse all membership fees on a pro-rata basis. For example if you have bronze membership and have used your discount on £100 worth of items (which will have cost you £50) we will reimburse you £20 worth of your membership fee as you will have used half of the value of it.


 To sign up CLICK HERE

  1. This is an invitation ONLY club
  2. Discount will be accessed through a personalised online code to be used at checkout
  3. Your code will be sent to you after purchase
  4. Your code is only valid online at
  5. Members will have exclusive access to new stock before it goes online for mainstream sale
  6. We reserve the right to refuse membership
  7. Membership is valid for 12 months from date of purchase
  8. We will send you regular quarterly updates on new stock and other available member offers
  9. Discount does not apply to sale goods. We will ONLY go on sale four times a year. All members will be notified at least 24 hours before sale in order to give them access to available products and sizes first
  10. Not valid in conjunction with any offers OR in OUTLET
        Size Chart
        **Please note, we are always happy to measure individual pieces for you.**
        **Please email us directly at**

        At "Five Boys Clothing" we offer as much guidance as possible when it comes to sizing as we know that age is not an exact science when it comes to measuring for the right size clothing.

        Any European brands provide a height measurement - and we always attempt to describe the fit. Please find a guide to European sizing below.

        The European size is based on the actual height in centimeters, example a size 122 means 122 centimeter, that is for a child in height 122 centimeter each centimeter = 0.39 inch, each inch = 2.54 centimeters













        EU Size (cm)













        As with all things this is not an exact science. If you normally buy big - we recommend you buy big, and vice versa.

        When relevant, we identify whether products are true to size, big for size or small for size.

        If you need any help regarding specific sizes please contact us at and we'll get staright back to you.

        PS: Don't forget we do offer returns so if you want to try the products we're happy to send them out to you.