Muddy Puddles Puddleflex Wellies

These Puddleflex wellies are lined with polar fleece giving extra warmth with a quilted upper and an anchored draw cord to fasten them in close to the leg to keep biting winds and splashing puddles out.
  It would be hard to find more comfortable wellies. Available in red, forest green and midnight navy.
  • Outer 100% Rubber
  • 100% polyester polar fleece lining
  • Lace tie round the top for secure fastening and to stop splashes sneaking in
  • Fur lining makes these wellies very cosy
  • Soft in-sole for the comfort of little feet
  • Gripped sole making walks much less slippery
  • Reflective strip for high visibility

Upper: Rubber, Polyester

Lining: Fleece & Taffeta, 100% Polyester

Welly Care
  • Cleaning - to keep your children's wellingtons in excellent condition for a long time always wipe clean after use using water and leave to dry away from direct sunlight or artificial heat sources. After cleaning apply a protective spray. If you follow this simple routine every couple of weeks, depending on the amount of wear, and your boots will last months, even years longer.

    Store your boots in a cool, well ventilated place, away from strong light. Do not leave on a radiator or boiler to 'dry' – or outside in the cold. Varying temperature will dry and crack the rubber, especially if a protective spray is not used on a regular basis.

    Removing your boots
    Try not to use a step to remove your wellington boot - excessive stress being applied to the boot heel may lead to splitting.

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