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Control Freaking Your Way Through Snow Days

March 02, 2018

Control Freaking Your Way Through Snow Days

14 years of mothering boys WHILE being a control freak parent has taught me a thing or two about how to manage snow days.  

Gone are the days of over excited children turning into pink cheeked, tear stained, numb handed ex-snow angels...  These are the few things I absolute insisted on so that they all have fun.

Our family tips so you can short cut your way through the (ice cold numbing) pain and just concentrate on having fun (in a controlled way of course)

1. Waterproof trousers and ski gloves

Don't even try and make a snow ball let alone a snow man without waterproof gloves. Seems obvious but so easy to forget that dripped wet loves add to the pain.

Same with waterproof trousers and sledding. 

2. If you don't have snow boots and ski socks: TRIPLE sock and wellies

Three pairs is a pair too many you say? Much harder to get the wellies on BUT much much warmer.


Snow that gets in sleeves, down the back on your neck, down trousers turns to water which in turn turns into a miserable child.

My Granny once told me that they way to stay warm on a cold day you layer tuck. Think vest into tights, t-shirt over tights, t-shirt into trousers, fleece over trousers, water proof trousers over fleece, coat over waterproof trousers... etc  Works for gloves too (sleeve into glove, coat over glove) 


  • make sure the hot water is on
  • hot chocolate is ready on the stove
  • you've got a carrot in your pocket
  • and in our case a hot water bottle in the buggy with the baby.

And go. 

It may be too late for the now but if our extra tucking tips adds a few more minutes to the outside adventuring it'll all be worth it.

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